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CA 101 2018 Public Choice Award

We are pleased to announce the CA 101 2018 Public Choice Award. Each year, CA 101 attendees vote for their favorite artist. This year’s attendees voted with sensitivity and compassion to the state of the World.


CA 101 2018 ART EXHIBITION    JUNE 1 – 10


CA 101 2018 Public Choice Award  tied between two artistic interpretations

“The Blue Hat” by Lynn Doran






“Cabinet of Collective Memories of the Shipbo-Conibo Tribe” by Mike Saijo


Because the voting was so close,we would like to give Honorable Mention to the following three artistic interpretations:

“Interrogation Room” by Fadia Afashe

“The Boardwalk Bakery” by Eileen Oda Leaf

“Tea Party” by Katarina Stiller





We want to thank all of you for your participation in the CA 101 2018 art exhibition. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to working with you again in the future.


 Lastly, we’d like to congratulate this year’s CA 101 2018 award winners:


First Place

 “Cabinet of Collective Memories of the Shipbo-Conibo Tribe” – Mike Saijo


Second Place


Instead of one Second Place winner, we elected to have six

Honorable Mentions


“Another Day: Camouflage Chaos” – Shasha Dothan

“Pacific Grove: Redondo Beach to Taiwan” – Flora Kao

Slip ‘n Slide” – Cody Lusby

“Ukraine 2” – Eve Percich

“Looking Down” – Peggy Sivert

“The Roads Well Traveled” – Trinity Singer


Best Emerging Artist

 “Music is Life: L.A. Red – Patricia Martin


Public Art Commission Choice

“Happiness Childhood” – Heesoo Lee

















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