TEDxRedondoBeach – Reimagining our Cities

TEDxRedondoBeach – Reimagining our Cities
Join us on Friday, September 27, 6-9 pm for a festive evening of food, drink and thoughtful discussions with lots of interesting folks who also thrive on “Ideas Worth Spreading” as we explore the topic: Reimagining Our Cities.


Architectural inspiration is a key part of revitalizing and energizing cities around the world.  It is also a timely issue in Redondo Beach and all of the South Bay.  EnjoyTEDTalks and discussions that will make you think about concepts such as radical vs conservative in architectural design, or expressive vs neutral in space usage, and the many concepts and emotions that are embedded in our cities and their structures. TEDhas recognized the significance of cities to the future of the world by focusing on Cities2.0 as a major TED theme.



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