Talk Radio — Aspel on the Esplanade

Talk Radio — Aspel on the Esplanade

“We have so many interesting people in Redondo Beach!

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Nina Zak Laddon yesterday.   She is a wonderful Redondo Beach artist, community leader, mother of 4, pilot, world traveler and……….. a former member of the Israeli Army! Truly a Renaissance woman!

I bet you will enjoy this one! ”    Steve Aspel



Listen to Steve Aspel interview Nina Zak Laddon on his weekly radio talk show Aspel on the Esplanade which takes place every Tuesday at 1:00pm. You’ll get info on South Bay Issues, News & Views.

Tuesday’s October 30th show is about Art and Artists in Redondo Beach. This the first in a series of interviews on the art renaissance that is taking place in Redondo Beach.

These interviews will be scheduled over the next few months. Please listen and pass it on to your friends. Here is the link:






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