Sidewalk poetry appears at Redondo schools

Sidewalk poetry appears at Redondo schools

by Annie Lubinsky – reprinted with permission from the Beach Reporter

“Over the summer, poems have blossomed on Redondo Beach school sidewalks.
The Sidewalk Poetry Project, sponsored and funded by Friends of Redondo Beach Arts, 
came to fruition as winning poems were announced July 12 and the first test stamp made at Lincoln Elementary School on July 23.

By the time school started, several schools had poems pressed into new concrete. Five poems 
appeared in front of Alta Vista Elementary School, including “The Beach,” written by Alta Vista  fourth-grader Alexander Kowal.

“I was just thinking and it came in my mind,” Kowal said when asked how he created the poem.

“When Mr. Taranto came into our class and announced I had won, I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I had my mouth open,” Kowal added. His parents had much the same reaction, and just before school started, Kowal’s family celebrated by visiting the site and making toasts with apple cider.

Having the poem at the school’s front gate “feels really good,” Kowal said.

In addition to Kowal, Sidewalk Poetry contest winners are Devon Williams, RUHS; Haley Hyatt, Parras; Caterina Hyneman, Beryl; Alena Smith, Madison; Briana Henderson, Washington; Quinn Robinson, Tulita; Matthew O’Connell, Adams; Madison Kennel, Jefferson; and Josie Qi, Lincoln.”

Kowal’s poem reads:
Hear the waves crash into the beach
White foam fills the sand
Hear the sound of the seals
Singing a beautiful song
Hear the sound of the seagulls
Crying to their buddies
Hear the sound of the beach


Sidewalk Poetry – District 3 – Pictures of sidewalk poetry

Adams Middle School and Jefferson Elementary School, funded by Friends of Redondo Beach Arts.


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Lincoln Elementary School, funded by Friends of Redondo Beach Arts


South Bay Hands on Art 

Trains volunteers to bring art to children in schools.

Contact: Lucia Galante Johnson – Tel: 310 375 3755.


Outreach Project – Richstone Family Center

Contact: Tasha Garfield



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