Harbor Drive Mosaic Wall Project in Action

Harbor Drive Mosaic Wall Project in Action

The Redondo Beach Harbor Drive Mosaic Wall Project is a prime example of public art in our community.  It enhances our neighborhood and makes a lasting impression for all to appreciate.  Mosaic artists Patrice Linnett and Deborah Collette are at work to create the mosaic murals.  They have previously created the Mosaic Steps on the Avenue of the Arts next to the Redondo Beach Pier and the Mosaic bollards on the Redondo Beach Esplanade.

Click below to access the Vitality Beach website which shows a slideshow of their work in action.  (The link to the slideshow is in the heading right next to HOME.)  Also check out the link to Art on the Wall Fundraiser – Huge Success. Thanks to Trinity Keeney for access to the slideshows on this website.







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