About Us

Eight Calla Lilies
by Bob Francis

Our FRBA mission is to support public art, visual arts, music, art education, poetry, inspiring events with talks on creative and intellectual content. Our efforts are focused to giving the arts and culture greater visibility in all aspects of civic life.  FRBA’s yearly signature event is the CA 101 Art Exhibition bringing top international artists to Redondo Beach. We provide organizational support to TEDx Redondo Beach and offer regular Salons with facilitated discussions on “ideas worth spreading.” We collaborate with the Redondo Beach Art Group (RBAG), Hands on Art, and support the work of the City of Redondo Beach’s Public Art Commission. FRBA is also actively involved and reaching out to all local businesses, and organizations. FRBA also actively works with Redondo Beach City Hall to ensure a voice for the Arts in all civic endeavors. We are non-profit 501(c)3 organization working for you: TAX ID #26-4319304   Be our Friend!

“What we do for our community”

 CA 101 Art Exhibition, our gift at no cost to the public; Student Scholarships and art education; TEDx Redondo Beach Talks; Support of public art, visual arts and performing arts; Numerous other public special events

“What your membership does for you”

Field Trips of artistic and cultural interest to offered for members only. Some of the 2018 events included: Huntington Beach Art Center, FIDM Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibit, El Segundo Museum of Art, ESMoA Matriarchs Exhibit, Monthly membership meetings in various locations with interesting programs, speakers and demonstrations, A cheese tasting in celebration of culinary arts, A demonstration and participation in the making of fiber arts, A presentation of the Redondo Beach General Plan and its effect on Public Art… and much much more…Enhancing business, 
residents and visitors with a thriving arts and cultural environment.  

Celebrating the pure joy these experiences can bring to the soul and spirit.


Join Friends of Redondo Beach Arts in supporting Arts and Culture


Beginning in 2006, Friends of Redondo Beach Arts (FRBA) formed as a group of volunteers supporting programs and activities featuring the arts.  Since then, these volunteers have focused on support for visual arts, public art, music, art education, poetry, inspiring events with talks on creative and intellectual content, and efforts to give arts and culture greater visibility in civic life.

FRBA collaborates with and supports other community groups, particularly the Redondo Beach Art Group, which is largely comprised of active artists.  Together, these two groups have forged a stronger presence for the arts in Redondo Beach.  In addition, FRBA supports the work of the City of Redondo Beach’s Public Art Commission.

FRBA provides organizational support to TEDxRedondo Beach and serves as the financial  agency for that group.  TEDxRedondoBeach provides regular Salons featuring videotaped  TEDTalks and facilitated discussions as well as live speaker events, all directed toward “ideas worth spreading”.

Friends of Redondo Beach Arts is an independent non-profit organization with its own 501 (c) 3 designation.

FRBA members meet monthly and the location of the meeting is posted on the website.  Membership is open to anyone, and guests are welcome to bring their ideas and their support for enriching Redondo Beach’s arts and cultural presence.


2021 Board of Directors


President – Debbie Collette

Vice-President – Patti Linnett

Secretary – Paul Blieden

Treasurer – Jane Diehl

Marketing – Mickey Marraffino

Membership —  Rosune Sorbom

Creative Advisor – Nina Zak Laddon